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Monique AJ Smith

This is the instructor section. You can use this space to tell and show your students who you are and why you're the perfect person to teach the course you're offering. You can talk about your work and education history, and really anything else that shows off who you are so your students get excited about learning from you. You're the expert after all, this is your chance to shine!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Bonus Session- Sponsorship and Development

    • "Donors do not want your Leftovers" with Alicia English, Assistant AD-External Ops, Abilene Christian University

    • Donors Do Not Want Your Leftovers

  • 2

    Queen Moves- How to be Intentional and Confident with Career Decisions- Michelle Larkin, Critical Thinking Coach, UMI Connections

    • Session with Michelle Larkin, Critical Thinking Coach, UMi Connections, Queen Moves

    • Execution Queen Moves

    • Queens Powerpoint

  • 3

    Resume Check 1-2 with Jen Fry

    • zoom_0

    • A-Chat-in-the-Garden-Misc

  • 4

    What is a Stratechic?

    • PowerPoint StrateChic Lesson

    • Checklist from the Book Stratechic

  • 5

    The Gender Factor in Communicating

    • Leslie Allen's Win4Life The Gender Factor in Communication

    • Handout for The Gender Factor

  • 6

    Strategic Communications

    • Strategic Communications with Gail Dent of the NCAA

  • 7

    Be a Fresh coat of Paint

    • Be Fresh Coat of Paint

    • TSM-10-Rules-Booklet-V02-DIGITAL (1)

    • Advance Academy- Playing Big with Tara Mohr

  • 8

    Unleashing your potential - 6 Steps with Master Coach Toyinda Smith

    • zoom_0

  • 9

    Branding You with Wright Relations

    • Danielle Wright of Wright Relations

  • 10


    • ToastMaster District 66 Director-Elect, Linda Kennedy

    • Your Speaking Voice

  • 11

    Dr. Janice Hilliard

    • The Job Search

  • 12


    • Climbing Your Mountain

  • 13

    Minority Leader

    • Chapter 1 and 2 discussion

    • exercises from each chapter

    • Power Mapping

    • Last chapter- Work-Life Jenga

  • 14

    Don't Leave Money on the Table

    • Know Your Value

    • L.A.T.T.E Factor

    • Author, Jacqueline Twillie

  • 15

    Know your Numbers, to better Negotiate

    • The Money Game Plan Staff 1.0 by Eric Smith, The Financial Literacy Coach

    • The Financial Literacy Coach- Eric Smith

    • The Latte Factor

  • 16

    We Got Now

    • The Public Figure Mask, Exit Stage Left EWorkbook for Chapter Discussion (1)

    • zoom_0

  • 17

    The Memo

    • The Memo

  • 18

    Embracing the Process

    • Holt's handouts "Chop WOOD, Carry WATER

    • Chop Wood and Carry Water Fall in Love with the Process - Presentation by Alexandria Holt

  • 19

    Small Wins Create Momentum

    • Meet the author of Small Wins Create Momentum - Raven Turner

    • HR is a Process- Kristia Worthy of University of Louisville Department of Athletics, Director of Talent Development and Human Resources

    • text from Chat Box

  • 20

    Confidence Building

    • Session with Dr. Jamie Purnell, Interim AD at Cal Dominquez Hills

    • Session with Angel Mason, AD Berry College


    • EI-Presentation

    • Positivity for 2021- Dr. Delice Coffey, "Affirmations Retrains the Brain"

  • 21

    Queen Moves 2.0

    • Queen Moves 2.0 Mastermind replay with Michelle Larkin

    • QUEEN Moves 2.O Handouts

  • 22

    Leadership Sabotage with LaShawanda Moore, CEO Elevate Success

    • Leadership Sabotage with LaShawanda Moore, CEO Elevate Succuss

  • 23


    • Productivity with LaWann Moses a Productivity Strategist

  • 24

    The Women Code by Sophia A. Nelson

    • Sections I and II The Personal and Emotional Codes

    • Royal Moves with Michelle Larkin

    • Women's Code III and IV

  • 25

    Redefining Winning in life with Tamika Newman

    • zoom_0

  • 26

    Creativity Confidence

    • video1968920039

  • 27

    Rookie Smarts

    • Teleport Yourself

    • Rookie-Smarts-Firestarter-Guide-The-Wiseman-Group (1)

    • quiz

  • 28

    MasterMind discussions with no Guest Experts

    • Mastermind May 2022- Discussion Slowing Down with Devotionals, NIL, Reclassifications, High School State SAAC bylaws

  • 29

    Guest Expert Alva Amaker of A&A Athletics Consulting, Vigilant Safety Center

    • Replay of Mastermind with Guest Expert Alva Amaker A&A Athletic Consulting

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